World Record Roast - Supporting Brothers 'n' Books

World Record Roast - Supporting Brothers 'n' Books

Crafted by Two 14 Coffee Co.

Currently sold out! Purchase the Armoured or Lighthorse blends and we will donate a portion to Brothers ‘n’ Books during the world record attempt.

Rare and Exclusive Single Origin - You have to try this coffee to believe that a flavour like this is even possible.

An extremely unique coffee sourced from Fina La Riviera in Vereda La Estrella, Colombia. The farm is situated near the Los Nevados Natural National Park.

The culturing process involves using fermentation starters and the unique natural flavours that come from fruits and aromatic plants.

You might get the flavour of oolong tea, passionfruit and sweet lollies.

This coffee is being sold to raise money for Dylan Conway and his charity Brothers 'n' Books during his world record attempt. A portion of the profits will be donated.

VERY LIMITED! Only 25 bags are available. (More may become available but they will be packaged in bags with a sticker label instead of a printed bag).


Light / Medium


Single Origin from Colombia.


Passionfruit, Cheesecake, Sweet Lollies.
Bag Size
$50.00 AUD
Pre Order: Shipping 26th January.