Coffee Made with Military Precision.

We are an Australian, veteran-backed business roasting delicious coffee blends for like-minded companies.

Featured Blend

The Pineapple Expresso

Premium Coffee for Premium Diggers. We've partnered with the team at The Pineapple Express to craft a memorable blend worthy of what it represents. Made up of ethically sourced coffee from Africa as well as Central and South America, this coffee is surely one you will remember. Drink it black to experience the sweet, nutty, caramel tones or add milk for a perfectly mild latte.

A portion of the profits will be used to support veteran mental health and ongoing charitable efforts by The Pineapple Express. 

Model wearing light green backpack with black canvas straps and front zipper pouch.

Helping Veterans Move Forward

Cafe Two 14's beginnings are founded in the history of the 2nd/14th Light Horse Regiment (Queensland Mounted Infantry). We are a proud Australian small business, serving local communities and giving back to support Australian military veterans and their families.

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